It’s that time of the year again when schools go on break and parents wonder what to do with their ever-active children, while they work. While some families already made plans to travel outside of the country for vacation, some other families will resolve to enroll their kids into Summer Camp within the country and a lot of other families will opt for Summer Coaching.


Without undermining the necessity to keep engaging our kids academically so that they don’t experience what is referred to as Summer Slide, parents should take the opportunity to sharpen their natural abilities/talents or introduce them to creative activities that will boost their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Hence before concluding on that summer school enrollment consider the following

  1. Safe & structured learning environment: when hunting for a school this should be the first item on every parent’s list because colors, structure, and ambience of the environment impact greatly on the assimilation and stimulation of a child’s mind. Of course, a good school will definitely have standard safety measures like emergency exit, etc. to be double sure you may request for pictures of their fire drills for example.
  2. Program line up: you should inquire about the program in place for the summer period. A good summer school should offer balanced programs that provide daily opportunities for Numeracy, Literacy, cultural enrichment, vocation, etc.
  • High interest and ability-enhancing activities: the activities that your child/ward would be engaged in a summer school of your choice should those that are of high interest to him/her. One should seize the opportunity that summer vacation provides to sharpen a special skill/talent that a child has, as we can see today, talent rules the world. Look out for activities like STEM, Arts & Crafts, Ballet Dance class, taekwondo, sports, etc
  1. Exploring the great outdoors with friends: during the vacation avail your children the opportunity to attend a summer school that will be going on,  inspiring and fun field trip.


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