We live in a fast-paced world and environment where demand to meet up with a basic standard of living as forced both mothers and fathers to work out homes. This has resulted in the increase of schools with crèches and daycare center.

Despite requiring and using the services of crèches and daycare centers, many parents do not give importance to Early Childhood Education, hence they just put their child or children in childcare centers or schools using basic parameters like nearness to home and familiar faces.

It is noteworthy that taking the decision to put your child in a crèche is the first step in building and equipping your child for success in the future. So never let anyone confuse or convince you to change your mind about putting your child in a crèche rather take that bold step towards investing your child’s future but make a note of what you need to look out for in a crèche/preschool before making your choice.

Then comes the question “what should I look out for in a crèche  or a preschool?”

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