Healthy and Educative/ Entertaining activities for your kids.

Etiquette Class

We prepare our children to be socially acceptable all around the world
At Pams Montessori, we teach our children good manners. We understand good behaviour stand them out and help them gain respect anywhere they find themselves.
We want them to grow into adults who know how to properly go about what they want out of life, without bumping into uncomfortable spaces with people they come across.


Field Trips

The benefits of engaging our children in field trips go beyond reinforcing the lessons they learn in school. Field trips add depth to understanding, and they open new worlds of interest. We understand it is usually a good time for children from different home backgrounds to bond and catch some good fun together. Beautiful pictures that capture long lasting memories are obtained and kept for the future.

excortion session

learning session

learning session 1

pupils in a teaching session

pupils on stage

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Swimming Classes

We teach and encourage your child to swim because of the significant benefits for both his/her health and safety. Swimming encourages a healthy level of physical and social activity and provides a more effective workout than some other activities.
Swimming makes your child more confident in water and greatly reduces the risk of an emergency if your child accidentally falls in an unguarded pool and gets pulled into deep water by a rip current at the beach.

Taekwando Classes

Martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching. The life skills we teach as a part of our classes help children grow into responsible young adults.
At Pams Montessori, we have deliberately made Taekwando part our learning processes because it helps to boost your child’s Self Esteem and social skills, imbibe discipline, improve physical strength and balance while working on their minds to concentrate on important things.

We would love to have your kid with us at P.M.S