Book Awareness Day

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Pupils are to be dressed in their favorite storybook character and tell the story.

Women’s Day

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A special day to celebrate our mothers in the school, with our children appreciating our mothers in various interesting ways; dance, poetry,drawings, etc.

Science Week

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A adventurous week, whereby our pupils make research on various science topics and carryout experiments on each of them.

Children’s Day

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A special day for our children to be celebrated as well as fun filled with activities as talent show,dance,games, poetry and so on.

Literacy Day

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An adventured filled week, thereby exposing the pupils to literacy activities, where they are given books to read, summarize, answer questions, and as well engage in spelling competitions.

Father’s Day

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A special day dedicated for our fathers. Pupils express how much their fathers mean to them in art, poetry,dance,gifts and so on.

Jolly Phonics and Craft

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Join us from the 28th through 30th of July, 2021 for our FREE JOLLY PHONICS and CRAFT SCHOOL PROGRAM at the school premises.