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Making Decisions over your Child’s education is sometimes tough. Pams Montessori makes it easy and Sure.

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Our Mission


We are committed to a total approach of educating the little child where education is presented to them in their natural desire to learn, and to invent a learning attitude that embraces positive change.

Our Visions


To work in partnership with parent towards developing children into influential people who can add value to their community, and make qualitative difference to society.



When It All Began

It all began in January 1998. I wanted to do something socially and economically valuable to keep the memory of my late mother Princess Comfort Adunola, alive and fresh.

I have always had a strong passion for good education, so it came naturally to start a standard Montessori school to honour my mother and also revolutionize the Nigerian education sector.

I knew if this is done right, we would successfully contribute in raising leaders equipped mentally, physically and emotionally to transform our dear nation.

In 2004, the school went through a transformation and renovation exercise where the name was changed to PAMS Montessori School.

Our school is Montessori-certified and approved by the Lagos State Government. It is located in the serene area of Mafoluku in Lagos State.


PAMS Montessori School works with Nigerian British curriculum in developing the well-rounded PAMS pupil.

In the PreSchool and Nursery classes, the children learn using the Montessori curriculum. This is an innovative and practical learning method that incorporates specific learning outcomes and knowledge skills that align with children’s developmental needs and interests. It is divided into five key areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and culture.

In the primary classes, we blend the British curriculum with the Nigerian curriculum to raise children that are very knowledgeable about their country’s history and values. Key Subjects include, Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Spelling, Literacy/Grammar and Moral Studies.
In an effort to develop a well-rounded child, we incorporate extra-curricular activities into our curriculum through our various clubs. These include: Swimming, Ballet, Taekwando and Music.

Nelson Thornes Writing Policy

Nelson Handwriting provides a clear, practical framework for implementing and developing a wholeschool handwriting policy. Pupils are actively encouraged to explore different styles of handwriting and develop their own style.

At Pams Montessori, It is our aim that every child should be enabled to develop a fluent legible style of handwriting.

Capital and lower case letters should be used appropriately and the letter size should be consistent.

We provide opportunities for children to develop, practice and perfect skills and provide targeted support to any child experiencing difficulty.

Looking For A Reliable School?

At P.M.S, we have one of the best Extra Curricular Activities in Lagos as we keep improving and develping our standard towards making sure that we keep raising role models.

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